B was born with an anoxic brain injury when his brain was deprived of oxygen during pregnancy. His injury happened at 15 weeks gestation when his mom had to have emergency open heart surgery. You read that right. OPEN HEART SURGERY WHILE PREGNANT.  It is still hard to believe this many years later. Now, pick your chin up off of the floor and keep reading. She was told that the baby wouldn’t make it. But with the stubbornness of both of his parents combined, Mr. B is thankfully still with us. During the 6 hour surgery, and with his mom on a heart lung bypass machine, his brain was deprived of oxygen for an unknown amount of time. With that, he was born with clubbed feet, bilateral hip dysplasia, and hydrocephalus. At about three months of age came the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, quadriplegic. Despite the complicated medical conditions, B is one of the happiest, and most outgoing boys you will encounter. He doesn’t let much get in the way of his happiness.

BQ has several nicknames that friends, family, and caregivers have given him over the years including: B, Mr. B, BQ, BP and Bubba.

We are so glad to have the privilege to be his parents and to give him all of the love that we can.


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